Smartphone and Tablet Embedded Virtual Laser Keyboard

Embedded Tablet Virtual Laser Keyboard

Tablet Solutions are being designed to integrate CTX’s virtual laser keyboards and virtual laser mouse technologies to give the user a superior typing and input control experience. The virtual laser keyboard allows for regular two-hand typing at high speeds.


Embedded Smartphone Virtual Laser Keyboard

Utilizing proprietary technology, CTX has developed new product lines that enhance the versatility of smart phones. CTX has developed a first-to-market, innovative semiconductor chip which is designed to be embedded and built into smartphones to allow for the projection of a fully functional virtual laser keyboard for smartphone users: “The Smartphone Virtual Laser Keyboard”. The current prototype design, which utilizes 3-D laser projection technology, incorporates a micro pattern projector with infrared light source and sensor module. The virtual laser keyboard will revolutionize the speed and accuracy of data entry on smartphones.


Global Embedded Applications for the  Virtual Laser Keyboard

CTX Technologies will launch the first embedded virtual keyboard in PDA’s, PC’s, notebooks, computer monitors and many other consumer electronics devices that will dramatically improve the way data is entered and managed. CTX Technologies has also developed a multi touch laser projection technology platform being integrated in automotive and other commercial applications. The Company continues to explore and work with major manufactures on embedded applications for its virtual laser projection products; ie, the virtual keyboards are currently used in hospitals and medical clinics to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

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