The VK200 KEYFOB® Virtual Keyboard

The Future Of Inputting Has Arrived

The VK200 KEYFOB® projects a keyboard on any flat surface. You can type away accompanied by simulated keyboard sound feedback with its built in display screen showing your key presses in real time for faster typing. It really is true future magic at its best. You’ll be turning heads the moment you pull this from your pocket and use it to compose an e-mail on almost all Bluetooth enabled devices, computers or laptops. With 78 keys and a full size QWERTY layout the laser virtual keyboard approaches typing speeds of a standard keyboard in a size no larger than a matchbook.

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  • Projects a full-size laser keyboard onto most flat surfaces
  • Allows the convenience of ful-size laser keyboard onto most flat surfaces
  • Connects wirelessly via bluetooth to iphone, ipad, many smartphones and most laptops
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 180 minutes of continuous typing.
  • Charges via usb, no drivers to install
  • Mouse mode allows you to use your finger as a mouse
  • Built in display screen shows you the last 3 keys you typed
  • Detection rate: Up to 400 characters per minute
  • Operating Surface: Most flat opaque surfaces
  • Physical Size: 16mm depth x 42mm width x 62mm height
  • Specifications



    Warranty Details for the VK200 KEYFOB

    Virtual Laser Keyboard Updater

    The VK200 KEYFOB® Firmware update Executable Application. You must have a valid internet connection when you run this application to connect to the CTX server and retrieve the latest updates.


    1. The virtual keyboard will now detect key presses 30% faster for quicker typing
    2. Bug fix: When on an Android device Left clicking on icons would not open the application
    3. Bug Fix: When pressing shift with another key that shadows the camera the shift would not be recognized. (keys such as A,S,P,@,’,”,[,),_)
    4. Power save menu item added to settings screen.  Power saving modes allows control over how the virtual keyboard saves power when not in use. The sub-menu items include:
    • Plgin Opt – There are two options always on and Custom.  When the device is plugged in via USB to a computer or by a power adapter you now have the choice to use the power saving options set below for battery mode or keep the device always on, ignoring the below settings.
    • Dimming – Will automatically dim the keyboard after the set amount of time specified in this screen.  If option Never is selected the keyboard will never dim.  Any motion detected in the keyboard area will reset the dimming timer and the previous brightness setting will automatically be restored.
    • Kbd Power – will automatically turn the keyboard projection off after the selected amount of time if no activity is detected.  Any motion detected in the keyboard area will turn the projection back on.
    • Power Off – Will automatically power down the unit after the specified amount time has elapsed if no activity has been detected.  Any motion will reset the timer.
    1. Keyboard clicking sounds are now louder
    2. Sensitivity  for space bar has been improved
    3. Improved mouse ballistics and more sensitive tracking




    1. All 1.X.07 enhancements
    2. Speed has been increased 20% from 1.X.07 version
    3. Keyboard brightness has been increased by 10%
    4. Better key mapping on the edges to only give a single key in the transition area
    5. Better detection of key strokes in bright light
    6. Enhanced overall key detection
    7. Quick Change key for changing the typing mode (FN-T)
    8. New typing mode “All Down” mode (“DN” mode allows the home row key fingers to rest on the surface
      The Rules for all down mode:
    • When all fingers are placed on the home row no home row keys will be detected.  There is a small delay to allow all fingers to return to the home row without indicating a key press as your fingers may not all return at the same time.
    •  To register a home row key lift all fingers on that side except the key you want activated (as if you are pressing that key).
    • If you drift off the home row a warning sound and a visual warning of the fingers that drifted will activate.  If DN- mode is selected then no warning noise will activate only the visual warning will be displayed.
    • The space bar will allow both thumbs to rest on it when coming back to the home row without registering a space.
    • To register a space bar both fingers must be raised off the space bar then either thumb back down and up. If thumbs are down and not back up then it will be as resting.
    • Changing Typing Modes
      Go into the menu mode by pressing the Fn and the M keys.  Choose “Advanced” by using the space bar then pressing enter. Next Choose “Type Mode.”  Use the space bar and select “All Up” or “DN” There are two DN modes one with the audible warning for drifting of the home row and the other without the audible warning.  Press ESC to exit.  The current typing mode will be displayed on the LCD screen as “All” or “DN”.  Alternatively, by pressing  FN and T at the same time you  can quickly change between the typing modes without going into the menu.


    1.x.09 ENHANCEMENTS     Released: Feb. 16, 2015

    • All 1.X.08 enhancements and prior
    • Faster key response
    • Mouse functionality has been improved
    • Key transitions will now only give a single key on the transition area
    • Better filtering to allow less false keys from shadowing of hands
    • Better key detection on bottom rows
    • All fingers down mode improvements
    • Small bug fixes


    The Keyboard is Flickering

    This tells you that the battery power is low and will be shutting down shortly, recharging/plugging in the virtual keyboard is required.

    My key clicks are not detected properly

    1. Make sure the device is on a completely flat surface or try using it in a different lighting condition.
    2. Try changing the sensitivity setting FN-S toggles between each setting with setting 1 being the most sensitive. Alternatively by going into the menu (FN+M) allows sensitivity changes as well under "Settings" choose "Sensitive" and select your desired sensitivity level.

    My Virtual Keyboard will not connect to my computer through USB…

    Make sure the host device supports HID devices and ensure the Bluetooth is not connected, since Bluetooth take priority over USB. If Bluetooth is connected then turn it off using FN+B or through the menu.

    My keyboard display is blurry…

    Make sure the window where the image comes out of in the front top of the unit is completely clean.

    My unit turns off on me after 90 seconds of no use

    The system is designed to go into a power save mode when not connected to USB or a charger to conserve battery life. Swipe or make any movement in the keyboard area and it will reactivate.

    My unit seems very warm…

    The unit has a laser in it and will get warm when operating, this is normal. The unit has an automatic shut down for safety if the unit ever gets too warm.

    My virtual keyboard keeps giving me erroneous key clicks…

    Make sure all your fingers are at least 3-4 millimetres above the surface of the keyboard image. You may be accidentally lowering other fingers below the activation level causing the unwanted key clicks when pressing the desired key.

    The J or F key does not work when I click them…

    When in the J+F typing mode in order to get either of these keys the other key must have a finger on it. If you want to press a J make sure another finger is on the F key then raise and lower your finger on the J key. This was designed to allow you to keep two fingers on the home row keys for ten finger typing.

    How do I access the main menu system to change settings?

    Press FN+M (menu) to enter the menu screen. From there use the arrow keys or spacebar to move to your selection and press enter.

    My unit will not connect to my Bluetooth device…

    Try turning on and off the Bluetooth by pressing FN+B, make sure the Bluetooth icon is flashing and your device supports the HID profile. It should automatically connect after selecting Brookstone-VK when your device has been put into Bluetooth pairing mode according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

    I would like my Virtual Keyboad to last longer while in battery mode...

    Try dimming the keyboard using FN+F5 to use a lower brightness setting.

    How do I know I have the latest firmware

    Check your units firmware number by going into the menu (FN+M) go to "Unit Info" and select it. The F/W number will appear on the screen. If this matches the latest firmware on our download page then you have the latest firmware. CTX generally releases new firmware on a quarterly basis.

    Does it work with a Apple product

    Yes, the keyboard will work with any device that supports the HID protocol and Bluetooth 2.1 or later. It is compatible with any iPhone 3GS/4 and higher, IPAD (IOS4) and higher, Blackberry Q & Z, Playbook, Android 2.0 and higher, Windows Phone 7 and higher, Windows XP/Vista, 7, 8, MAC OS

    Can I use the mouse for gaming

    I would not recommend using the mouse mode for gaming as the resolution is not high enough for very fine movements. Stay tuned for future updates

    How long will the battery last...

    The battery will last for around 3 hours of continuous use, the newer firmware has power savings modes to help increase the battery life, like dimming the keyboard after no activity or shutting off the keyboard until activity is detected. To access the power savings options go into the menu (FN+M) under "Settings" choose "Power Save". From there you can adjust the power savings settings for battery and when the unit is plugged in.

    Can it charge and be used at the same time?

    Yes it can be used and charged at the same time.

    Will this work on a Windows PC

    Yes it will work on a windows PC either by Bluetooth or by USB

    Does the device have the ability to display the keyboard in different colors?

    No, the device can only be displayed in Red. CTX has just released a brand new version which displays a green keyboard. Each device can only display the keyboard in a single color.

    I plugged this into my laptop using USB but it does not work

    If you plug it into a laptop remember Bluetooth takes priority over USB. Try disabling the Bluetooth to make sure it is not paired with one of your existing devices (Fn+B) or through the Menu settings (Fn+M) and under settings you will find Bluetooth options. The U should be showing in the top left corner of the screen and no Bluetooth icon or the Bluetooth icon will be flashing. If the Bluetooth icon is solid then it is paired to another device and USB will not function.

    Is the laser dangerous

    Using the keyboard under normal use is not dangerous; However, shining the image into your eyes is not recommended.
    DETAILED: This is a Class II laser product which means it is a low power (< 1mW), visible light laser that could possibly cause damage if directly pointed at your eyes for a long period of time (i.e. > 15 minutes) and you were not blinking. Please avoid looking directly into the beam or pointing it into another person's eyes. Realize that the bright light of a Class II laser beam into your eyes will cause a normal reaction to look away or close your eyes. This response is expected to protect you from Class II laser damage to the eyes when directly pointed at them for long periods. Laser pointers focus the beam of light whereas CTX has spread out the entire beam in order to create the viewed keyboard layout making the laser even safer than a laser pointer by diffusing the entire beam of light.

    How do I know if I have the most up to date firmware

    Go into the menu mode (FN+M) and choose Unit Info. This will tell you the current firmware number on your device. If it matches the version on the Downloads section screen on this web page then you have the most up to date firmware.

    How do I change the device to mouse mode

    You can change to mouse mode by pressing the Win/Mac and the Alt key simultaneously. You will hear a double beep and the OLED display will show MSE instead of KBD to confirm the change. To change back press these keys again. Make sure there is a space between both your fingers when pressing these keys.

    My phone will not bluetooth to the Virtual Keyboard

    1. Ensure there is no other device currently paired with your phone.
    2. Make sure the Bluetooth icon on the VK is flashing (to restart the Bluetooth press FN-B which turns Bluetooth on and off). If the Bluetooth icon is solid then it is paired with another device so ensure it is flashing.

    Is the laser light bad for my skin/hands

    Low powered lasers are used in many applications to rejuvenate skin and even used for hair growth. It has been demonstrated and there are published articles that state the many benefits for laser light on your skin.

    My device keeps asking me for a pin code to connect via bluetooth

    Bluetooth 2.1 does not require a code to connect and our devices uses this protocol not the older one. Please try to update the Bluetooth driver on your device to use the later Bluetooth drivers or try the default 0000. If this does not work you may need to use the USB cord to communicate with your PC or get a Bluetooth dongle using the newer Bluetooth protocol.